Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

 To our men and women in the armed forces, past and present, in heaven and on earth, that make it possible for me to tuck my babies in every night safe and sound.  Thank you.

  I have the honor to be a sister to two men of our military.  My brother Ed was in the US Coast Guard for a long time, now he is a dedicated Firefighter/Paramedic.  To my brother, LT. Ed Ludwig, thank you for your past service.  My baby brother, Cody, is currently in the US Army.  He makes us so proud of what he does day in and day out.  So to me this day isn't just a day off of work, it is a day that reminds me of what a lucky sister I am that I get to call these two men brothers. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool Graduation

My baby boy graduated preschool this past Tuesday.  On to Kindergarten..... kindergarten, wow.   What happened to that little 5lb premature peanut that I was so nervous about taking home?  I blinked.  Time flew. 

Summer Time....

Summer is finally here and the pool is open! This is our second summer since we invested in the pool and I am just as excited as I was last year.  The really awesome part is that... Lucas goes to bed much easier at night after he's been swimming all evening! Next thing I want to buy for the backyard is one of those inflatable movie screens, think of how much fun that would be... watching a movie while swimming at night!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I want to introduce some very important people in my life.  We'll start with this guy...
My husband, Brandon is one of the hardest working people I know.  He is also has an OCD cleaning habit - but we'll get to that later.  My guy is a firefighter and makes us proud to call him ours everyday.  He is a GREAT dad to our boys, I am one lucky girl.  Life wouldn't be what it is without him and all that he does for us on a daily basis.  I am very thankful he asked me out on that first date many years ago. 

Next is ...

Conner Matthew.  He is smart, so very smart and compassionate, athletic, sensitive, and sometimes a little snarky.  He has brought so much to me in 12 years and I continue to learn from him every day. He is the first person to teach me that my heart can live outside of my body.  And even though he is in junior high now and has a big group of friends, he is quick to hug and kiss him mom at any time.  He takes his big brother role very seriously as he does with every other role he plays in his life - son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, teammate.  I sometimes have to remind him that he doesn't have to carry the world on his shoulders, he just has to enjoy life, learn lessons, make mistakes, and live everyday to the fullest.  He is going to do great things in this world, his heart is so much bigger than his body.

Last but not least is...
Lucas William.  My 4 year old bundle of chaos and love.  He has taught me the ultimate lesson in patience.  The complete opposite of his big brother.  And I love every bit of him.  He reminds me that its ok to run and dance in the rain, that pizza rolls should be a breakfast food, and to never sweat the small things.  He is my Lukie and I am his Momma.  His quick wit keeps us on our toes and our hands in front of our mouths to stop the laughing.  He has a very honest personality and it is refreshing, he will always tell you what he is thinking and feeling.  I always said since the day he was born that he is going to change the world.  I'm not sure how, but I know. 

These are my boys.  My reason for waking up each morning.  My reason for falling in bed exhausted each night.  Its not always easy, but they are my life. 

Summer Project is a Go...

  So, this is my summer project.  Let's hope by the end of summer I will want to continue this life project.  I have a few different reasons for this blog.  One being that we have family who do not live close to us and we certainly miss them.  They like to ask, "What have the boys been up to?".  I'm a mom, wife, student, full-time job worker, and have the worst memory known to man.  I just can't remember all the details, so this will help.  The other reason for this blog was that I wanted to document life, our life.   I wanted to be able to look back and witness again how beautiful and crazy our life is.  So with that said... Welcome, enjoy!