Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucas!

In just a couple more days my baby will be turning 5 years old.  5?! We went from this -
Our little preemie.  5lbs pounds of sweet baby boy.  He owned my heart the moment I saw him, to be honest he owned it the moment I found out I was going to be his mom.   This day is so clear in my mind.  It was like it was yesterday, in reality it was 5 years ago and now we have this guy -
He still owns my heart.  He drives me crazy. I love every minute of it. 

So in honor of Lukie turning 5, I've come up with 5 things that I love that are just unique to Lucas.  Of course, there are more than just 5 things that I love about him, I mean I am his mom - I adore everything about him! 

1. One goodnight hug and kiss is not good enough for him.  He finds ways to sneak into my room for "just one more".  It makes me sad to think of the day where I will be the one begging for "just one more" when he thinks he's to old. 

2.  Those baby blue eyes.  He is going to be such a heart breaker.  

3.  This kid is hilarious.  I'm not sure how at his age he has such a great sense of humor and ability to make us laugh till tears, but he does.  

4.  His love of life.  He lives each day from sun up to sun down.  

5.  He loves his family.  His big brother is "awesome" according to Luke.  He doesn't like it when Daddy is at the firehouse and has to talk to him on the phone every time he calls, especially before bed so he can tell him goodnight.  And he makes me feel as if I am the most important person in the world, like when he tells me I am so much cooler than spiderman.

Happy 5th Birthday in a couple days my little man.  Thank you (and your brother) for being that breath of fresh air after a long day at work.  Thank you for telling Daddy that I'm always right and what mom says go, even though we both know that its not always true.  Thank you for showing me such an unconditional love that inspires me everyday to be a better mommy.  Do me a favor though - these last 5 years went by really fast, slow down little man - I'm not ready for you to grow up on me just yet.  I love you more than all the fruit snacks in the world. I love you always.