Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brand New (old) Table

The Husband has been busy today! I've always wanted a pub table in the eat-in portion of our kitchen, but I didn't want to part with our oak round pedestal table because 1. it was our first kitchen table and 2. we received from a very special relative that is no longer with us.  I'm kind of sentimental in that way.  The Husband calls it hoarding - I call it .... well I don't call it hoarding! 

ANYWAYS - He took on the project this morning of turning the table into a pub table and he did an ahmayzingggg job.  I'm lovin everything about it. 

Now, I'm going to walk you through step by step on how this fantastic idea is played out. 

1.  First step is to unbolt the table top from the base and measure the diameter of the base. 

2. Then you decide how tall you want your pub table to be.  We went 6 inches taller and with that we can accommodate 24-26in countertop stools for seating

3.  Ok, in order to add the height, you're going to need some wood. :)  The Husband used untreated pine that he bought at Home Depot for approx $11.  He bought a 2x10x8ft piece.  He didn't use it all - but that just means he can save the rest for another project!  He also had Home Depot cut it into 10 in pieces.  

4.  Trace the top of the base on to one of 10 in pieces of wood.  Repeat this 4 times in order to add 6 inches onto your table.  Then use a jigsaw (one of my favorite tools ) to cut out the piece that you traced.  Do this for all 4 pieces.  

5. After you have your four cut outs, you then screw each piece separately onto the base.  Use an inch and 5/8ths deck screw.  Use four per cutout.  Remember when you are screwing on each piece separately to offset your screws. 

6. After you have all four pieces secured it's time to get your sanding on.  Use your sander to smooth out the edges.  

7. Time to Paint! Paint or stain it the same color as your base.  We decided to paint the table with two colors.  The base color is black and the table top is a vintage red.  We used normal wall paint, but we sealed it with a semi-gloss clear lacquer. 

8. Final Step!  After your paint and seal is dry the last step is to pre-drill and use 4 inch screws to secure the table top back on the base.

TA-DA! You have a new (old) table! 

Obviously, I typed this up - not The Husband - so if you should have any questions, throw me a comment and I will get him to give you a more technical answer.

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