Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day Part Deux

Snowed some more last night... boys were ready to go this morning.  There was shoveling to be done! As I was taking pictures of my little humans doing hard labor ( I paid accordingly with eggs and toast when they were done ) I received a message from my Dad saying that he was playing in the snow too! Although his version of playing in the snow is quite different. 

Austrian Alps

My Dad is in the Austrian Alps for the weekend skiing.  In my entire life I don't think I have ever heard of my Dad skiing.  I'm concerned for his safety... well I'm more concerned for the safety of all the other skiers around him.  It's true. :)  Have fun Dad! Stay upright! 

Well not as exciting as the Austrian Alps, but the boys did have fun. 

These boys - make picture taking easy. 

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