Friday, February 15, 2013


One of the rooms in my house that I love is my downstairs powder room.  After the fire and the house was completely remodeled, the insurance company told me that I had to pick out paint for every room in the house.  I jokingly said can I pick a different color for each room - to which the contractor responded "you can pick a different color for each wall if you wanted to".  Whaaaa????? For serious?! I was in love.  I could finally paint the way I wanted every room to look and the husband couldn't complain because 1. He didn't have to pay for it and 2. he didn't have to do it. 

I love the color Tiffany Blue.  That is my happy color.  (Psssst Husband - Tiffany & Co. boxes are Tiffany Blue - the color really stands out with white gold - which is what should be inside said box) I knew immediately that the downstairs powder room was going to be Tiffany Blue and I didn't give a hoot what anybody was going to think. 

 Those cute little jars - found at an antique store for a whopping $12.  I did a happy dance all day when I bought them. 

Warning: Crooked picture taking.  Just tilt your head a little - all will be level then.

I found this cute shelf at Home Goods.  If you haven't been to Home Goods - shame on you.   The cuteness on the shelf are old telephone pole insulators that my father-in-law found and gave to me.  Do you think he is aware of my hoarding and did it to make the husband mad?  Maybe, maybe not - either way I love those things and I still have a bucket full of them! The little washroom sign - I kid you not I found at the dollar store.  

So that is my powder room painted my "happy place" color. 

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